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Exploring pathways through freestyle learning - a workshop for the Free Culture Incubator, Berlin.


Transmediale: Free Culture Incubator No 9 - Metanoia: Mindshift



Workshop Dates

Saturday August 27th, 2011. 


13.00 - 18.30 Supermarkt, Berlin. Brunnenstraße 64, 13355 Berlin (between U8 stop Bernauer Straße and Voltastraße).


Exploration Guide, Host and Facilitator: Pippa Buchanan


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Sunday's Youth In Transition Prototype Sprint - explores similar ideas and builds on this workshop, with goal of making an online tool / game.


Workshop Description


This workshop will be held in English.


" everyday use, learning has come to be synonymous with “taking in information.”…Yet, taking in information is only distantly related to real learning…Real learning gets to the heart of what it means to be human. Through learning we recreate ourselves. Through learning, we become able to do something we never were able to do. Through learning we re-perceive the world and our relationship to it. Through learning we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of life."

Peter Senge, The fifth discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization.


Can you explain your job to your parents?

Our ideas of a traditional career path and what we need to know in order to work have changed. Formal learning institutions in many parts of the world are too expensive and too slow to change.Technological advances have made it easier than before to share information and meet people with common and diverse interests. Formal education institutions such as MIT are sharing their content and community organisations such as P2PU are innovating with peer-driven online learning. Alternative learning (eg. skill shares, learning exchanges) has always existed outside of traditional education contexts, however the motivations and opportunities for learning outside and between institutions have changed significantly due to technology and a globalised economy. 

This half-day workshop will explore how we can navigate, define, share and remix our own learning (both formal and otherwise) in ever-changing contexts. Workshop participants will share their ideas and visions of learning futures to develop the foundations of a handbook for managing alternative learning journeys.


What will happen during this workshop?

We will work along these 6 questions.

How can we:



While we can't hope to answer these questions in the scope of a half-day workshop, the intent is to share our collective knowledge and to provide the beginnings of a general resource kit for lifelong learners. Young people's learning and education is of extreme importance but of tremendous scope, recognising this, the workshop will limit its focus to themes of lifelong and lifewide learning for adult audiences.

We invite educators, technologists, community workers, artists, social hackers and autodidacts from all walks of life to participate. Participant numbers will be limited to 30, however we will share the outcomes of the workshop under an open license with all applicants and invite their feedback.



This workshop is part of the 12 months Free Culture Incubator workshop series, an initiative by Ela Kagel, transmediale and the Government’s Center of Excellence for the Cultural and Creative Industries.



Proposed Workshop Schedule