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Proposed Workshop Schedule

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13.30 Estimated late start :-)

Pippa (and Basti?) - Framing Open education / independent learning (25 minutes)

Introductions - who you are, where you're from, Top 3 things you want or need to learn (35 minutes)


BREAK – 5 minutes

Spectrum? - We need experts in order to learn /  (25 minutes? probably not - this will take up too much time!)



post-it note brain dump - what are the issues faced when navigating, defining, sharing and remixing our own learning (15 minutes + 5 minutes wrangling)

post-it note sort on wall (15 minutes)


2 dots - identify the two most important issues to include in the outcomes document - use this to guide break out sessions


break - 15 minutes (Pippa channels gunner's loud californian voice and facilitation skills?)


15.30 Breakout sessions



2 sessions of 4 or 5 breakouts - 30 minutes each (5 minutes wrangling) + 15 minutes report back (top 3 things) + (1 hour roughly)

All outputs to poster paper




BREAK – 10 minutes




BREAK – 10 minutes



  • What we've made

    • (Ideally a wall with post it notes and poster paper with 30 or so statements / resources for independent learners)

  • What do we do next?

    • Booki? Invite everyone to write a blog post about a statement of their choice?





Proposed Topics from Attendees


Predicted Topics

Anticipated breakdown of post-it sort (just a guess)

  • Motivations for learning

  • Access to resources 

    • materials

    • funding

    • expertise

  • Tools - practical

  • making a living - can we / should we  give what we've learnt (expertise / learning materials) away for free?

  • sharing / licensing and credit

  • managing time and goals

  • representing learning experiences / journalling

  • recognition and tracking learning - degrees v. badges

  • sharing learning - finding a community

  • responsibilities - of the state, society, individuals

  • skills required - traditional literacy, research, digital literacies

  • disciplines - new things to learn (space travel? waste harvesting?)



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